Shopify Plus vs Magento Enterprise: The Difference in Apps & Extensions Offered

Shopify Plus vs Magento – which platform is better for you and your customers? As with most important decisions, the final choice isn’t clear-out! Read and discover how do these two platforms compare!


Magento has held the position of being the most popular ecommerce solution, however, after the launch of Shopify Plus, a lot of larger brands and businesses started migrating. Since Magento has officially announced that their old websites would stop receiving updates in 2020, the ultimate competition between Shopify Plus and Magento has become brutal than ever.

So, which ecommerce solution is better for you. As with most important decisions, the final answer is not clear out. There are a lot of different factors you need to consider and apps and extensions offered is just one of those factors.

Both platforms have a well-established marketplace. The Shopify App Store is more extensive than the App Store offered by Magento. With over 1000 different applications for lots of different functions, Shopify can be easily customized to build the online store of your dreams. Shopify also supports tight quality controls on their third-party applications, guaranteeing quality for clients.

Even though you can’t change the functionality of Shopify applications, they can be easily customized to fit your website’s theme. The applications are hosted by a third-party meaning, you don’t have to worry about keeping them updated.

The Magento’s marketplace is relatively newer and doesn’t have as many applications to choose from. Even though the old Magento App Marketplace was known for its poor-quality applications offered, the new one has enforced stricter vetting on the extensions. The extensions offered now are of a similar quality to Shopify.

The biggest advantage is that the applications offered can be customized according to your preferences and desires. But, as you know, Magento requires for you to have skills and expertise in such areas or to hire a web development team that will take care of app updates. Customizing the apps requires expensive development hours. The downside is that this can lead to problems on your website. For example, your website may slow down and you may lose potential customers.

With Shopify’s broad selection of up-to-date and robust applications and extensions, you won’t need to hire a web development team to access the codebase.

We hope this comparison between Shopify Plus vs Magento will help you decide which platform is better for you and your customers.

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