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Self-Hosted Ecommerce Solutions (Magento) in Comparison with Shopify Plus

The difference between a self-hosted and fully hosted ecommerce platform is the web hosting part! Read and discover how do self-hosted ecommerce solutions like Magento and fully hosted ecommerce platforms like Shopify compare!


Customized, hosted, staffed, and priced for larger businesses and bigger brands, Shopify Plus, is the enterprise-level ecommerce platform for growing brands and online stores.

Usually, on the server you own, most of the websites are working by installed software and are created from the ground up. This means that you are accepting the responsibility of not only maintaining the online store but for all consumer-facing parts of the store.

The SaaS or Service-as-a-Hosted solutions are completely different. Your only concern is your customers and you leave for the ecommerce solutions provider to take care of the rest.

The web-hosted servers are designed to work perfectly with the software platform while the software is meant to be easy to use and simple to integrate. In the enterprise ecommerce world, there are 3 big players – Shopify Plus, BigCommerce Enterprise, and Oberlo.

Magento is a self-hosted ecommerce platform.

The fully hosted ecommerce solutions are known for pricing accordingly. They are also known for their predictability. Shopify Plus pricing starts around $2k a month and increases based on the specific needs of the seller. Many companies and enterprise-level businesses find the price fair when compared to other ecommerce solutions and combined costs of fees, web hosting, change implementations, feature requests, bug fixes, and etc.

The losses in resources and time can be a huge stumbling blog when trying to run an enterprise ecommerce shop. If your expertise doesn’t include web development, you won’t be able to focus on what’s important – product development and marketing.

From our point of view, Shopify Plus pricing is beneficial. It eliminates the friction related and it is a part of a global network that features implementation, bandwidth, order management, and more.

Having a dedicated support and account manager is another advantage of using Shopify Plus and fully-hosted ecommerce platforms. The account manager can help you manage your account, from billing to bug fixes. Shopify Plus also gives you access to a development team working on a single platform. You can count on this team 24/7.

Having second thoughts about using Shopify? You can try the ecommerce platform for free now and take a look at the incredible features it offers.

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